Welcome to Killing Games 365

This is site is designed to bring you only the best in killing video games on the internet. Each one of the hundreds of online games featured at this cool site is absolutely free to play whenever you want. That means that you can enjoy a life full of bloodshed and violence anytime you want, without ever having to leave your home. As soon as you click start, your adventure into a new world begins...

Start by walking out the door and stepping out into a dark and deserted street. With quick glances in every direction, you can tell this area is not safe. That is when the gunshots began to ring out. One after another bullets fly through the air. There are crashes as the bullets hit cars and windows on either side of you. You crouch low and begin crawling for safety when you find a gun. When you stand up, you open fire on everyone around you. With every shot you take, another bullet flies through the air and tears into its targets. Off in the distance you see an open door to a warehouse so you run through it, guns still blazing.

These are just a couple of the fun scenarios that you will be faced with when you play these addictive free online games at Killing Games 365 - where the fun is always free.

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